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Melancholy urbanism

I revisited Waverley Cemetery in Sydney a few weeks ago. It covers a valley that looks out to the Pacific Ocean. It’s a site of loss and remembering of course, but it also conforms to the architectural geometry of melancholy. The horizon is sovereign, and reminds the visitor of the reaches of time, distance and … Continue reading

Some wild life

An engagement with nature enhances people’s emotional attachment to places according to a recent article by researchers into sustainable cities, Timothy Beatley and Peter Newman. They maintain that “Urban environments that are greener, more nature-full, will attract greater interest by residents and help to strengthen emotional bonds to place and community, in turn increasing urban resilience” … Continue reading

Signature city

Certain buildings appear on the landscape as if a gesture of the hand at the end of a letter, a tick of approval on a report card, or a graffiti tag on a bare wall. The gestural effect is most pronounced when new buildings plant themselves on places already imprinted on memory. This is Melbourne for … Continue reading

Cappuccino epidemic

There’s a surfeit of cafes in Australia, reflecting no doubt what’s happening all around the world — at least in aspirational, bourgeois euro- and anglo-centric urban and semi-urban settings. It’s a fact bound to impress itself on the returning tourist, who meets the phenomenon with some gratitude. There’s always somewhere to rest, to recuperate, it’s … Continue reading

Pride of place

“And for the indignity and degradation thus inflicted on a proud people and a proud culture, we say sorry.” This is a quote from the official Apology to Australia’s Indigenous Peoples announced by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in February 2008. A signed copy of the apology is on display at Parliament House in Canberra. Pride is … Continue reading

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