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The hegemony of good taste

In the film Wall-e (2008), the surviving colony of humans live on a massive starliner (the Axiom) traveling through space. The passengers spend their days reclining on hover chairs while waited on and cosseted by robots. In one scene a voice on the public address system exhorts: “Attention, Axiom shoppers. Try blue! It’s the new … Continue reading

What’s wrong with this picture?

The 1990s was an age of online graphic innocence. The WWW was populated with amateur personalised websites. Welcome now to the template age, where you can focus on content, and leave the packaging to others. At most you only need select from a range of page templates. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and blog content management systems … Continue reading

Bauhaus geek

Designed by Walter Gropius and built in 1925-6, the Bauhaus building in Dessau has undergone extensive restoration. Work was completed in 2006 (www.bauhaus-dessau.de). The influence of this design school on architecture, furniture, fashion, photography and education is well documented. No designer is immune from the Bauhaus effect, whether supporting or resisting its respect for the qualities … Continue reading

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