Podcast instructions

You can listen to podcasts on any computer, but the medium works best if you are on a portable device. If you are reading this on a smartphone then the following link may take you directly to your Podcast app and open the podcast for this blog.


If that doesn’t work then follow these simple steps.

1. Open your smartphone podcast app.
On an iPhone it looks like this.

2. Open the edit menu in the app.
It’s at the top right corner on an iPhone.

3. Select the option to add a podcast by URL.

4. Enter the URL of the podcast feed for this blog.
You will only need to do this once.


5. Click Subscribe.
If this works then you should get a message that you are now subscribed.

6. After clicking on “Done” the podcast graphic will appear up on your list of “Shows”.


7. Click on the podcast icon to access a list of available podcasts for this blog site.
You can change the order of items in the list from Settings which is accessed from the icon to the right of “Continue Listening”.