Hidden dimensions

Cryptography hides messages from the senses, observation and interpretation. It belongs within an array of practices that fit comfortably within the field of semiotics. I’m content to think that cryptographic practices extend C.S. Peirce’s semiological pragmatism. After all, messages hidden in code are signs. On the subject of messaging, I’m also interested in hiddenness as…More

Back of shop

It happens all the time: people accidentally disclosing what should be kept private. (I’m thinking of David Cameron saying out loud how relieved the Queen was when he alerted her that Scotland would stay in the UK — Guardian.) The relationship between the private and the public keeps us fascinated, especially when there’s a breach of some…More

Mystery philosopher fakes own death

Everyone loves a good mystery. Artists Gilbert and George’s latest exhibition, called “London Pictures,” at the White Cube Galleries, features displays of newspaper sellers’ posters from around London, organised thematically (Guardian). One of the artworks features a collage of headlines such as: “Driver’s mystery death”; “Search for mystery naked reveller”; “Arrest as cops probe mystery…More