PhD Supervision

My Research Projects page shows a wide range of PhD topics supervised in recent years. Note that we encourage applicants from a range of backgrounds (as well as architecture). I’m interested in supervising or co-supervising topics such as

  • The social and philosophical implications of new media, such as social media, mobile devices, ubiquitous communications.
  • Practical, technical explorations into mobile media.
  • The changing mass media milieu, citizen journalism, crowd sourcing, blogging, collaborative creativity.
  • Critiques and applications of artificial intelligence, logic programming, algorithmic methods.
  • Theories of design and creativity, applications of phenomenology, hermeneutics, deconstruction.
  • Changing concepts of place and space: non-place, branded places, hybrid and fractured spaces, new digital urbanisms.
  • Cultures of science fiction and fantasy, and how these impact on narratives of place and space.
  • The relationships between the senses, in particular sound and vision, including the use of the human voice, relationships between architecture and music, and the whole sensorium.
  • The problematic relationship between the “natural” and the digital.
  • Other topics explored in my books, research projects and blog posts. See relevant pages and posts on this site.

Recent PhD Students (and their topics)

  • Lui Li: Feng shui and urbanism (awarded)
  • Nicholas Rossis: theories of collaboration (awarded)
  • Salih Ofluoglu: product information (awarded)
  • Pedro Rebelo: space and sound (awarded)
  • Chris Pierce: Dutch settlers in Manhattan: (awarded)
  • Russell Mount: intentionality in architecture: started 2001, examined July 2005, (awarded)
  • Franziska Schroeder: embodiment, performance, phenomenology: started 2002 (awarded)
  • Hoon Park: digital and manual media: withdrawn
  • Maria Androulaki: digital media and prosumption: started April 2005 p/t (awarded 2013)
  • Bruce Currey: thresholds, homelessness, digital media: started 2000 – withdrawn
  • Siyun Chang: Aldo Rossi, ideology: started 1 July 2003 – transferred
  • Min-Feng Hsieh: music and architectural creativity: started September 2006
  • Anastasia Karandinou: immaterial architecture: started September 2006 (awarded 2011)
  • Dermott McMeel: The artistry of construction – an investigation into construction as a creative process and the influence of mobile phones within domestic scale construction projects: awarded 2009
  • Dorian Wiszniewski: Representation between politics and poetics: architecture and the story of community: awarded 2010
  • Leonidas Koutsoumpos: Inhabiting ethics — the educational praxis of the design studio, the music class and the dojo: awarded equal first prize in the RIBA research awards for best phd (2 December 2009): awarded 2009
  • David Fortin: Architecture and the spectacle of home in science-fiction film: awarded 2009
  • Yahya Islami: The architecture of surface: the significance of surficial thought and topological metaphors of design: awarded 2009
  • Aghlab Al-Attili: Elements affecting embodied interaction in virtual environments: familiarity, ethics, scale: awarded 2009
  • Hennie Reynders: Urbanism, accidents, policy: submitted 2010, awarded 2011
  • Janan Mustafa: Narrative in the early stages of the design process: started 2009 (awarded 2013)
  • Christos Kakalis: Mount Athos, silence and liminality (awarded June 2014)
  • Dimitra Ntzani: From theatre to labyrinth: In pursuit of critical engagement with archaeological heritage (awarded 2016)
  • Shi-Mei Lee: Body, icon, sign, new media (awarded 2015)

Current and recent PhD students co-supervised

  • Fabrizio Gesuelli: Architecture and protest
  • Dorothea Kalogianni: Electroencephalography and sonic empathy in digitally mediated environments
  • Graham Shawcross: p/t Counting, listing and enumerating
  • Diego Zamora Barroso: Craft and digital fabrication in remote communities
  • Richard James Hanrahan: Documentary and the politics of representation (co-supervision)
  • Stella Mygdali: Spaces of intimacy and risk: started 2014
  • Roxana Bakhshayesh: Parametric design: started 2014
  • Aikaterini Talianni: Soundscapes and music: started 2014
  • Asad Ullah Khan: Urbicide (started 2017)
  • Ezequiel Alberto Colmenero Acevedo: Urban conservation and social media (started 2016)
  • Georgios Berdos: Urbanism and the sharing economy [tentative] (p/t started 2017)

Some PhD theses are available for download at the Edinburgh Research Archive (no registration required).

Books by PhD students

  • Fortin, David T. 2011. Architecture and Science Fiction Film: Philip K Dick and the Spectacle of Home. London: Ashgate
  • Karandinou, Anastasia. 2013. No-matter: Theories and Practices of the Ephemeral in Architecture London: Ashgate
  • Karandinou, Anastasia, Christina Achtypi, and Stylianos Giamarelos (eds). 2008. Athens by Sound. Athens: Hellenic Ministry of Culture PDF

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